Explore the Capability of the 2018 Ford Edge

The Ford Edge offers the latest in technology to help make your driving easier and safer. Cruise control is a feature that helps drivers relax while operating in highway conditions. The Edge offers a new level of innovation and safety; it has Adaptive Cruise Control.

In long trips and highway trips, many Wooster, OH drivers often use cruise control to move smoothly with traffic. Adaptive Cruise Control helps keep you safe when using the automatic speed settings. 

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Compare Towing Specs of Ford Expedition and GMC Yukon

The Ford Expedition and the GMC Yukon have beneficial mechanical specs that can simplify a variety of driving tasks. However, if you need a car that can tow heavy equipment without dramatically polluting the environment, the Expedition is a practical option.

Since the Ford Expedition has a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, it can help you tackle towing tasks in a tactical way. This is possible because the engine relies on direct injection, which increases power without emitting harsh emissions into the environment. 

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2018 Ford Fusion has Too Many Options to Ignore

Today's vehicles are far more than just cars. They are part of who we are. With numerous options to fit a variety of preferences, the 2018 Ford Fusion is the sedan for everyone. The Fusion comes loaded with standard features like six powertrains, 6-speaker audio system, USB inputs, spacious interior, and the SYNC communication system. Optional features take it even further.

No matter who you are there is a Ford Fusion for you. At Pallotta Ford, our staff is fully prepared to find the Fusion that fits you so you can cruise the local Wooster area in style.

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Plan Your Road Trip Right with Our Checklist

To help your next road trip be your best one, we've made a list of a few tips that will help you create a pre-road trip checklist. This checklist will make sure you are prepared for everything and anything. Keep reading for some great ways to plan ahead:

We're confident at Pallotta Ford that your trip will be safe and smooth if you follow these tips!

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Why Buy Used at Pallotta Ford


Drivers in the Ashland, OH area looking for quality new Ford cars, need look no further than Pallotta Ford. We also have an amazing used car selection to choose from. If you find yourself unsure whether to buy new or used, perhaps this helpful comparison will shine some light on the issue.

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Are More Cylinders Better?


When it comes to Ford auto parts, the engine gets a lot of the emphasis. This is for good reason, however, as the engine is literally the driving force of the vehicle. At Pallotta Ford, we want Wooster, OH drivers to know what to look for when choosing their next engine.

The major difference between the different kinds of engines is the number of cylinders. On the lower end of the spectrum, there are 4…

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Some Information Concerning Car Expenses

People who are looking for a car to buy may want to consider a variety of factors. The selling price of a vehicle is one of the factors that some car buyers may want to consider. Another factor that some car buyers may want to consider when they are looking for a car to buy is the total cost of ownership of a vehicle.

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Take the 2018 Ford Fiesta for a Test Drive Today

While some of the 2018 Ford Fiesta’s amenities are still being discussed, there’s enough information to know that it’s a fuel-efficient vehicle that’s fun and safe to drive as well. It has an efficient EcoBoost I-3, 1.0-liter. Get to where you’re going fast with the 200hp output. You can also travel in style with its interior SYNC3 and B&O Play audio system.

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